Square Fiberglass Light Poles
Ultimate Strength and Resilience

4″ x 4″ Square Fiberglass Light Poles

Square, 4” x 4” fiberglass light poles from Alliance™ are designed to provide a lasting solution for parking lots, walkways, and other outdoor environments.

Wide range of products

  • Standard Duty light pole (for standard fixtures and performance needs)
  • 12-30’ Lengths – Single Piece
  • 3-Layers of protection against UV degradation
  • Anchor Base or Direct Burial
  • Smooth Finish








Alliance™ provides dependable service from quote to delivery. Our experienced product experts and attractive lead times combine to deliver industry leading service.



Our Alliance™ light poles have superior UV protection, which creates and ultra-low maintenance product. Fiberglass is non-conductive and non-corrosive creating ideal installation and service conditions.



Alliance™ offers options for nearly every climate and application. Products are lightweight, easy to install, and configurable to fit the needs of any project.

Pole Performance

Alliance poles are available in 1 foot increments from 12 to 30 feet. Common mounting heights are listed in the tables below.

Standard Duty 4″ x 4″ Fiberglass Light Pole

Mounting HeightCalculated Effective Projected Area (sq ft)Pole Weight (lbs)
90 mph100 mph110 mph120 mph130 mph140 mph150 mph160 mph170 mph180 mph

Contact Alliance engineers at alliance@geotek.com for pole design recommendations.

Engineered to endure all climates

Supported By Best-In-Class Engineering & Customer Service

  • Engineered to endure all climates with our 3-layer UV protective coating. The outermost layer of this coating is thermally bonded during the manufacturing process, providing ultimate resistance to fading, cracking, and fiber blooming.
  • Standard Duty poles available to fit your specific wind zone and loading requirements.
  • Available in multiple colors enhancing the look of every project.
  • Lightweight for easy handling and installation.
  • Direct Bury option saves time and money in labor and equipment.
  • Direct Bury option saves time and money in labor and equipment.

Contact Alliance engineers at alliance@geotek.com if you have any technical questions.

Square Fiberglass Light Poles

Pole Components

Top Tenon or Cap

Standard top cap and tenon options for your specific project’s luminaire. Side-mount luminaires can be installed on Alliance™ Poles using factory-drilled holes. Poles can also be topped with a removable cap. For top mount luminaires, 2-3/8” and 3” diameter tenons are available.
Square Fiberglass Light Poles Top Tenon

Anchor Base

Corrosion resistant aluminum material provides a lightweight yet strong anchor base solution. Standard 9-9.5” bolt circle range. Anchorage kits available. Direct burial poles also available.
Square Fiberglass Light Poles Anchor Base

Base Covers

Base covers are available and finished to match the color of the pole for the ultimate streamlined look.
Square Fiberglass Light Poles Base Cover
Square Fiberglass Light Poles Base Cover

Product Numbers

Anchor Based

Square Fiberglass Light Poles

Direct Burial

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