UV Protection

Fiberglass light pole UV Protection
Fiberglass Poles UV Protection

Fiberglass light poles with 3-Layers of protection against UV degradation

Light poles are constantly subjected to intense sunlight and damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
Alliance™ fiberglass light poles are engineered to be maintenance free – no repainting or refinishing required.

Layer 1

Thermally bonded outer coating

Applied during the curing stage, our coating permanently bonds to the composite pole. This manufacturing process ensures the most visually appealing surface, providing the ultimate resistance to fading, cracking, and fiber blooming.

Layer 2

Ultraviolet-resistant veil

Provides an additional barrier between the outermost layer of glass and the surface of the pole. This creates a smooth surface prior to coating.

Layer 3

Broad spectrum UV inhibitor

Formulated into the resin system itself to produce a completely UV protected pole.



Alliance™ provides dependable service from quote to delivery. Our experienced product experts and attractive lead times combine to deliver industry leading service.



Our Alliance™ light poles have superior UV protection, which creates an ultra-low maintenance product. Fiberglass is non-conductive and non-corrosive creating ideal installation and service conditions.



Alliance™ offers options for nearly every climate and application. Products are lightweight, easy to install, and configurable to fit the needs of any project.

Quality in Manufacturing

When comparing “Natural” finish options in the market, our industry leading manufacturing process creates a surface that is smoother and more visually appealing than alternate processes.

Our thermally bonded coating not only produces a pole that looks great when installed, but will also maintain its appearance over time.

3-Layers of UV protection are included on all Alliance™ light poles. Round tapered poles are available in both Natural and Smooth finish options. Square light poles are designed with a Smooth finish.

Fiberglass light pole UV Protection
Fiberglass light pole UV Protection
Fiber Blooming

Avoid Quality Issues in the field

Fiber blooming is an undesirable condition caused by insufficient UV protection of a fiberglass composite. In light poles, this can lead to maintenance, liability, and premature replacement.

Some fiberglass light poles in the market may have inferior UV protection, resulting in severe fiber blooming. Alliance™ pole coating technology provides the ultimate protection against damaging UV radiation.

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