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About PUPI® and GEOTEK

PUPI (Pultruded Utility Products Incorporated) is the market leader in developing extremely reliable, utility-focused fiberglass crossarms that stand the test of time.


Founded in 1990, PUPI has always focused on designing and manufacturing fiberflass composite crossarms for electrical utilities. In 1994, the company joined forces with GEOTEK to refine its manufacturing process and build an even stronger crossarm.


Leveraging GEOTEK’s expertise in product design and pultrusion, the combined effort resulted in improved strength, stiffness, and resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering.

The PUPI® Story

PUPI® has offered superior fiberglass crossarm products to the electric utilities industry since 1990. Engineered for superior load capacity, stiffness and resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering, leading utilities choose PUPI® fiberglass components for consistent performance and long-term return on investment.


PUPI® crossarms is a product of GEOTEK, an internationally recognized manufacturer of reinforced pultruded products for the utilities, animal containment, nursery and consumer markets. The GEOTEK staff brings over 40 years of pultrusion experience to the PUPI® manufacturing process.

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